Rocketship launching
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Explosions, ear-splitting roars, and death-defying speeds.  Rockets and boys have a lot in common. As we begin our study of the first moon landing, I am chuckling about the resemblance between the two!

In this post, I will focus on the historical aspect of the first moon landing.  Obviously, this topic stretches across both history and science.  So, it is a two-for-one day!

If you are a Classical Conversattions friend, then these resources goes along with the history sentence for Cycle 3, week 21.

The books:

//still looking for them as we speak!

The audio:

  • Listen to John F. Kennedy’s speech as he announces to the country that the U.S. will fly to the moon.

The video:

  • Watch the launching of the Apollo 11.
  • Watch the video of the moon landing.
  • This is an exercpt from the Discovery Channel- Landing on the Moon.  It is too long for my little guy, but my older boys said “No!” when it ended.  I might have to buy this one!

Interesting Information:

  • Read through a space history timeline.
  • Research the shuttle.
  • Research space food.
  • Research space suits.

Just for fun