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After reading my title, you are probably thinking I am nuts!  Shaving cream?  What?!  Yes, friend.  Shaving cream.  It is guaranteed to break up the monotony of your day.


Before I give you my list of ways to incorporate shaving cream, I must have a chat with your son.  Come here, buddy.  Okay, young man, here are the rules:

  • Write with one finger.  (Finger….not fist, elbow, or toes)
  • Under no circumstances will we be clapping our hands while they are covered in shaving cream.
  • It is not whipped topping.  Keep your tongue away from it.
  • Shaving cream beards are only acceptable after you have done your work.  Mom wants to teach you, not Santa Claus.

Okay, Mom.  Back to you.  Here is my “Shaving Cream Schoolwork” list by age:


  • Draw or copy shapes, letters, simple words, or numbers
  • draw a self-portrait
  • write his name
  • patterns (Mom writes the first part, son finishes it)
  • uppercase and lowercase letters (Mom writes upper, child writes it’s “buddy” or vice versa.)

    Little Man’s Shapes


Lower Elementary

  • Write spelling words.
  • Write addition and subtraction problems (pictures or numerals)
  • Manuscript Letter Formation
  • Phonics (Ex:  Mom says sound.  Son writes the letters that make that sound)
  • Fractions (Ex:  Mom names a fraction.  Son draws a shape that represents that fraction.)
  • Skip Counting (Ex:  Write the numbers that represent skip counting by 2′s.)
  • Odd/Even Numbers (Ex:  Write the even numbers to 20.)

    Multiplication Problems


Upper Elementary

  • Write spelling words.
  • Write vocabulary words.  (Ex:  Mom says “to stick with it; to continue doing something that is hard.”  Son writes “persevere.”
  • Draw a picture to represent the meaning of a vocabulary word.  (Ex:  Mom says “atrocious.”  Son draws asparagus.)
  • Write multiplication and division problems.  (pictures or numerals)
  • Cursive letter formation
  • Antonyms/Synonyms (Ex:  Mom says smoldering.  Son writes frigid.)
  • Decimals (Mom says five and twenty-three hundredths.  Son writes 5.23)

Clean-up Tip:  Spray the area with a spray bottle of water.  Wipe clean with paper towels.