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I cannot claim any of the creative rights to this post.   A friend of mine, who I love very much, planned every detail of this lesson, brought everything to my house, and did it with my kids and her own.  I hope you have a friend like her!


To begin the lesson, she served Antarctica food: fish sticks and goldfish. (Penguins eat fish.) Later, she served them Lemon Ice. (Ice…Antarctica….get it?)


Next, she built a tent in my classroom to simulate the tents that the scientists would use. Our Antarctic Explorers read books about the continent in their research tent. After their research was complete, they went outside to build “tents” out of graham crackers and icing.


We read books about penguins and made our own penguin craft. How cute is that?

After teaching the kids about icebergs, she had them make this iceberg craft that illustrates that most of the iceberg is under the water.


In order to review all of the continents, she brought Swedish Fish. After she named the continent, the kids would point to it. If they got it right (or close to right!) then they got a fish to place on their continent.