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For the last two years, we have been studying American History.  Next year we will go back to Ancient History.  But, before we leave our precious country’s heritage, I want to make sure that I give my kids one more glimpse at the big picture of the history of the United States.  For this reason, we will spend the summer reviewing American History.  Although, since it is summer, my choices are all low-maintenance!  As we go through these resources, we will be singing our Cycle 3 CC memory songs for a refresher.  Here is my summer plan for reviewing American History:

America series by Peter Marshall

I  had great intentions of reading these books alongside our Classical Conversations Memory Work this year.  It didn’t happen!  But, these books are too wonderful to skip.  They are an easy read, yet are packed with information not found in most history books!  If you decide to look into them, make sure you get the ones written to children.  The adult series has the same title!

America:  the Story of Us 

From the History Channel, this twelve episode television series gives a broad overview of American History:  from Jamestown to World War II.  Before showing this to your kidlets, you may want to preview it.  There are a few parts that you might not want them to see.  (At Jamestown, they show a starving man that will be burned alive because he killed his pregnant wife so he could eat her.)  Lovely.  Personally, I am okay with my kids seeing it.   (They don’t actually show him killing her or him being burned, they just tell you what is happening.) While disgusting, it helped them understand the severe famine in Jamestown.  Just be cautious……don’t say I didn’t warn you!  This series is available on Netflix….if you have it!

American History Stories by Mara Pratt

Mara Pratt wrote these books a long time ago!  While they are old, they are treasures!  She weaves the story of our American heritage into a tale filled with true facts.  As we listen, I feel like we are sitting at the foot of her rocking chair while she draws us into the story!  You can get these in book form or in audio form.  Personally, I like the audio version.  We listen to it while we are eating lunch.  The first two volumes are free at Librivox:

American History Stories:  Volume 1

American History Stories:  Volume 2

The Short Version of Our Summer Plan

  1. Read the America series by Peter Marshall while reviewing history songs from Cycle 3 of Classical Conversations.
  2. Watch America:  the Story of Us on Netflix.
  3. Listen to the audio version of American History Stories by Mara Pratt while we eat lunch.

My Summer Disclaimer

Obviously, we may not get to all of this!  I always have great plans for the summer….in May!   By September, I may see things a little differently!  But, this is our “ideal-world” plan for our summer!