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Are you looking for ideas for your son’s academic learning? 

Here are a few posts that you might like:

Our Curriculum:  Have you looked through the curriculum that I use?

A “Normal Day” in my home:  Would you like to see a typical school day in my house?

General Homeschooling:

  • Homeschooling Year Round:  Our family schools through the summer.  Would you like to know why….and how?
  • Organizing Schoolwork with a Checklist:  Are you interested in seeing my sons’ schoolwork checklists?
  • Price Checking Curriculum:  I make a price sheet before I purchase curriculum.  I always know whether I am getting a good deal at a used sale or online.


  • Do you need ideas for drilling math facts?
  • Are you looking for a fun math break?  Check out this traditional card game…made educational!


  • Walking on the Moon:  Here are resources for learning about the first moon landing.
  • American History Review:  We are finishing up our study of American History. Before we move to Ancient History, I will use these resources to review America’s roots one more time.



  • Teaching beginning Chemistry?  Here is a file folder game about the periodic table!



  • Would you like to learn how to make a reading review box for reviewing sight words and vocabulary words?
  • Are you looking for family read-alouds?  Here is my list of our top ten favorite read-alouds.

Spelling, Writing, and Grammar:

  • Check out how I use shaving cream to practice our spelling words.  Great for any age!
  • I wrote an ebook “Teaching Boys to Practice Spelling-50 Hands-On Activities to Practice Spelling“.  It is free to anyone who subscribes to my site!


  • Are you incorporating the Bible into your school day?  Here is my favorite storybible.


  • A friend of mine wanted advice on homeschooling kindergarten.  Read through my curriculum choices and my words of advice.
  • Shaving cream can be used for teaching shapes, letters, numbers, and more! I
  • I teach beginning reading with magnetic letters.
  • The card game “War” can be used to teach number recognition.

Classical Conversations:

  • Are you interested in learning more about Classical Conversations?
  • Is your child testing for Memory Master?  Check out my Memory Master Study Basket.

Memorizing Information:

  • Is memory work boring?  Are you looking for ways to make it exciting?  In my house, memorizing is fun and easy!


Happy browsing, friend!