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Who am I?  What can you find on my site?

Welcome to Teaching Boys!  My name is Jennifer.  I am so excited that you decided to visit!   May I show you around?

In a few words…..my site is about……Teaching Boys!   Teaching Boys everything……..from math to loving others to cleaning.  Cleaning is my personal favorite…..especially toilets….

I’m sorry….I am jumping ahead…..first, I should introduce myself……

Here is my elevator introduction:   I am deeply in love with Jesus, married to the best guy ever (sorry, girls…he’s taken), and we are blessed with three little men to tuck in every evening!  (Well, first we have to retrieve them from the trees, scrub the dirt off them, feed them for the tenth time that day, read books, pray, get drinks……and then…….tuck them in)    I am a certified teacher with a degree in Elementary Education.  After the birth of my first son, I gave up my paycheck and began teaching for free……in my own home!  Currently, I spend my days homeschooling, blogging, and living life alongside my men.

About Us:  For more about me, won’t you visit my About Us page?  While you are there, you can meet my family, check out our curriculum, and peek into a typical day in our home.  Typical….that lovely little word that means….”the day that Mommy has every duck in a row and is fully loaded with caffeine!”

Teaching Character and Habits:  While academics and extra-curricular activities are important, my primary goal is to instill godly character into my boys.  If, at the end of their lives, the only things that they have learned are loving God and loving others, then I will consider my job a success. While browsing this page, look through my list of ideas for serving others as a family and a post about perseverance.

Academics:   Personally, our family homeschools.  But, all parents, homeschooling or not, are involved in their son’s education.  You will find ideas for drilling math facts, fun ways to memorize information, beginning reading with magnetic letters, and learning with shaving cream!  Also, be sure to download my free ebook, “Teaching Boys to Practice Spelling-Hands-on Spelling Practice in Minutes a Day.”

Home Management: Every boy needs to know how to manage a home.  Unfortunately, I have met several brilliant people that live in a state of chaos- without the ability to manage money, cook a meal, or do laundry.   We will aim for balance.  I discuss my system for teaching my kids about financial wisdom.  I tackle the terrible word called “chores.”  Also, I explain how to clean with non-toxic cleaners that my boys can use!  (and squirt each other….without bodily harm!)

Family Fun:  This category is all about having fun with our boys!

Celebrations:   I am determined to teach my boys the true meaning behind our celebrations, while keeping all of the wonder and sparkle that I experienced as a child.  This category tells some of my favorite holiday recipes and traditions.  Also, I give fun ideas for incorporating meaning into those traditions.

Mom’s Toolbox:  This is your oasis in a sea of miniature vehicles, ninja fights, and squished raisins in the carpet.  Look here for words of encouragement, tips on saving money, and funny stories about my life with boys.

Everything Else:  This is my virtual junk drawer….everything that doesn’t fit into another category!

Welcome! I am so glad that you came to visit!